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The Avalon Scheduling and Referral System is a powerful, web based online software product which has the unique ability not only to schedule appointments but also to actually generate business and referrals for your company or practice.  Avalon Scheduler also is fully adaptable and can be customized to meet your needs.

The secret of this profit-making software is its programmable search function, allowing your patients, clients, your administrative support, or any trusted customer or referral source to find exact matches for your members by location, specialization, day, time, gender ... or by any other relevant search function important to your business or practice. Once a match is found, the software allows instantaneous appointment scheduling ... no waiting, no phone tag, no voice mail or other appointment confirming delays or inconveniences.

Avalon Scheduler has been continuously updated and in use as a tool for many years.  The software allows your clientele to schedule appointments themselves from your web site - 24/7. View a detailed presentation about how to schedule your own appointment for Avalon Scheduling used by a behavioral health care referral organization.

Avalon Scheduler used by a behavioral health care company with over 50 clinicians may be observed by clicking here. The software may be tailored to the specific needs of physicians, dentists, therapists, alternative health care providers and many other professionals, companies, and corporations.

Please read our FAQs to get additional information about the functions and capabilities of the system; alternatively, please contact Dr. Thomas R. Giles, for further pricing and other relevant information.


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